In Review: Monsters University

by Mark Searby on 11/07/2013

monsters university Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) are the best of friends inside and outside of working at Monsters Inc. However, that wasn’t always the case.

When they first met at Monsters University, these two mismatched roommates couldn’t stand each other, so when they both flunk out of the School of Scares their only redemption to completing University is to win “The Scare Games” – a series of Gladiatorial games to find who the school’s best monster is.

Pixar finally dip their toe into the waters of prequels, with Monsters University. Monsters Inc. felt like a closed movie so in going back to the beginning Pixar are telling a whole new story but with the same wonderful characters. It’s difficult not to love Mike and Sully, as even though they are monsters they are more lovable than most human beings. The dynamic between the two feels like Laurel & Hardy, constant jokes but at the other’s expense whilst still trying to actually progress in the world.Their early morning fitness routine is beautifully engineered and a series of non-stop gags.

Yet the real hero of the film is Art (voiced by Charlie Day), a weird leg/arm hybrid that quivers like jelly, who has some of the best comedic and tender moments that it’s hard not to love him for what he is. The main storyline revolves around The Scare Games, like the Gladiatorial contests [but with a bit less blood and dismemberment] , and is huge amounts of fun to watch. The second task in the library has one of the scariest librarians ever; you really wouldn’t forget to take your library books back to her. We know how the film will end but that doesn’t stop the enjoyment and rather helps you sit back and just enjoy the movie.

Pixar have triumphed once again: Monster’s University is good, clean wholesome family entertainment about the endurance of friendship. There are no cheap laughs or incoherent storylines, instead it’s a film that makes you smile from the first minute to the last. This is Pixar’s take on National Lampoon’s Animal House.

Mark has awarded Monsters University four Torches of Truth

four torches

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