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In Review: The Piano (1993) on Blu-ray

by Neil Sheppard 19 May 2014

Ada (Holly Hunter), the protagonist of Jane Campion’s 1993 Palme D’or winner, The Piano, is a triple threat to the 1800s society she’s born into. Not only is she a single mother, she’s also a mute, but doesn’t have the ‘decency’ to be ashamed of it. Ada’s “voice” is her piano; a tool that allows […]

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In Review: Van Gogh (1991) on Blu-ray

by Ben Nicholson 23 September 2013

Imagine, if you will, a leisurely stroll through a picturesque landscape in the French countryside; the vista is a vision, the ambience tranquil. This is largely how one feels when in the company of Maurice Pialat’s ruminative biopic the famous Dutch painter, Van Gogh (1991), which has been exceptionally restored for its Blu-ray release as […]

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The New Empress Magazine Video Blog: King of New York (1990)

by Helen Cox 18 September 2013

23 years ago King of New York had its world premiere. Mark Searby revisits this often overlooked classic and discusses why it’s still worth pulling off the DVD shelf more than 20 years down the line.

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The New Empress Magazine Video Blog: Censorship in Action Films

by Helen Cox 10 July 2013

The latest New Empress Magazine video blog raises questions about the impact of censorship and classification on the action genre. Although many might argue that the introduction of the 12A has meant decline and dilution for the action genre, this issue isn’t as recent as some believe.

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Inside Issue 10: A Sneak Preview

by Helen Cox 30 May 2013

Issue 10 is now available to order.  As our magazines sell out within weeks of going on sale we recommend ordering to avoid disappointment. Our theme this issue is Time in Film and consequently you’ll be able to read up on how plausible film time travel techniques actually are, the role of stopped clocks in […]

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The New Empress Video Blog: Celebrating 2 Years in Print

by Caitlin Conway 13 May 2013

This week New Empress Magazine is celebrating 2 years in print. Since our humble A5, quarterly beginnings in 2011 we’ve grown into an A4 bi-monthly publication that offers informative and creative articles on a truly diverse array of films and cinematic eras. We’ve had a wicked time featuring flicks you may not know about and […]

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Films That Time Forgot: Hard Rain (1998)

by Helen Cox 4 April 2013

Multiply a heist film by a disaster flick, divide by Christian Slater (and Morgan Freeman in brackets) and what’s your answer? Hard Rain. When this formula was floated around the office, studio execs would be forgiven for assuming that it would all add up to pots of cash. For reasons that are not entirely clear, […]

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Films That Time Forgot: It Could Happen To You (1994)

by Helen Cox 26 March 2013

Just as the National Lottery launched in the UK, and every man, woman, child and dog began heated discussions about how they’d spend their winnings, a sweetly-scripted romance starring Nicholas Cage, Bridget Fonda and Rosie Perez hit the big screen. It Could Happen To You is actually based on a real-life incident that occurred in […]

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The Empress Speaks: On the Sanitation of Violence in the 12A Movie-Verse

by Helen Cox 25 March 2013

I recently spent a good three hours sobbing my heart out in the darkest corner of New Empress HQ; clutching my John McClane action figure like it was the last thing I had in the world. Why? I’d just received the news that A Good Day to Die Hard had been granted a 12A certificate. You see, I’m an […]

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Issue 9: Now Available For Order

by Helen Cox 6 March 2013

What would happen if King Kong went on a dating show? Now you know thanks to our talented cover artist Dan Havardi.

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Films that time forgot: The Exorcist III (1990)

by Martyn Conterio 22 January 2013

The Exorcist III was released worldwide across the summer and autumn of 1990 and into the winter of 1991. Directed by William Peter Blatty, the film did solid business at the global box office – $39 million dollars from an $11 million budget. Based on the novel Legion (1983), also by Blatty, The Exorcist III […]

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