Birds Eye View Film Festival 2014: Girlfriends (1978)

by Maryann O'Connor 15 April 2014

As someone who doesn’t particularly care for comparing films, the introduction to Sunday night’s screening of Girlfriends (1978) by I am Dora front woman Jemma Desai resounded in the ol’ brain and heart. Jemma told us persons there present that the film we were about to see was most commonly mentioned in conjunction with some […]

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Birds Eye View Film Festival 2014: Nothing Bad Can Happen

by Daniel Goodwin 13 April 2014

What starts as a quaint drama about a young, child-like Christian (Julius Feldmeier) taken in by a struggling family to help work on their allotment, Nothing Bad Can Happen slowly evolves into a different beast entirely.

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Birds Eye View Film Festival 2014: Gone Too Far

by Daniel Goodwin 12 April 2014

Many films have been made about British youth culture over the last decade but few can be held up as examples of great film-making. Even less are based around London’s African/ Caribbean communities and hardly any portray the youth of today in a positive light. But because of the overabundance, when it came to adapting […]

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In Review: Half of a Yellow Sun

by Maryann O'Connor 12 April 2014

Watching Biyi Bandele’s depiction of a Nigeria in transition is like receiving a sharp elbow to the ribs;  first it takes your breath and then it hurts. Nigeria 1960: hardly any time passes between the glorious party to mark independence and the stark, brutal decimation of the old order. We witness all of this through […]

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Birds Eye View Film Festival 2014: Lucky

by Daniel Goodwin 11 April 2014

Laura Checkoway’s documentary about young, homeless mother Lucky Torres and her battle through life in downtown New York is an unyielding exposé of a troubled soul struggling to raise a family during times of hardship.

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In Review: The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears

by Josh Slater-Williams 10 April 2014

Before even watching a frame of the work in question, genre-savvy film enthusiasts will likely gather from its title that The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears is a tribute to giallo cinema, a form of Italian thriller fuelled with fantastical horror and eroticism that was host to striking film names such as Your Vice […]

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In Review: The Raid 2

by Daniel Goodwin 10 April 2014

Gareth Evans’ original, excellent one-location crime battle ballet was never going to be an easy one to follow. But rather than taking the Die Hard route of re-housing the carnage in a different location, for the sequel Evans wisely expands The Raid’s Indonesian underworld, presenting characters only previously name-checked in the first film and hurling […]

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In Review: Orca – The Killer Whale (1977) on DVD

by Martyn Conterio 8 April 2014

Exploiting the popularity of Steven Spielberg’s landmark summer blockbuster, Jaws (1975), Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis delivered his own knockoff rendition of the monster fish movie with a lunatic effort about a male orca whale exacting revenge against an unthinking human that done him wrong.

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Birds Eye View Film Festival 2014

by Maryann O'Connor 7 April 2014

“Birds Eye View showcases and explores the outstanding contribution of Women Film Practitioners to Cinema”. And that is what the film festival (8 -13 April 2014) does, in the words of its creators

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In Review: The Quiet Ones

by Daniel Goodwin 4 April 2014

After justifying their reanimation with decent adaptations Let Me In (2010) and The Woman in Black (2012), Hammer’s latest film, The Quiet Ones, is a lopsided swerve

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5th Annual Rendez-vous with French Cinema 2014

by Maryann O'Connor 3 April 2014

This year’s Rendez-vous with French Cinema pays tribute to a legend of French Cinema, Alain Resnais, bringing a restored version of his 1959 New Wave classic Hiroshima mon amour (starring Emmanuelle Riva) and many other delights to a whole bunch of lovely cinemas in the UK between 23 and 30 April.

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