In Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

by Daniel Goodwin 30 July 2014

In the wake of the post-Avengers solo sequels, the Guardians of the Galaxy have finally arrived. It is the final Marvel film before Avengers: Age Of Ultron but with little more than a cult-comic following, can its derivation be enough to garner new fans and sufficient box office returns? GOTG has been deemed ‘Marvel’s big […]

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In Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

by Martyn Conterio 20 March 2014

During the riveting second act of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a philosophical conundrum beefs up a bog standard superhero-in-peril plot and attempts to enrich the character and journey of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and his roughhouse education in homeland political chicanery. The question ‘What is right?’ pecks our hero’s head good and proper.

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In Review: Thor: The Dark World (3D)

by Daniel Goodwin 24 October 2013

Superhero films have dominated mainstream cinema for nearly fifteen years now to the point where they have become a genre unto themselves and defined a decade of film making.

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In Review: Iron Man 3

by Mark Searby 25 April 2013

After the events in New York, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is having trouble sleeping. We soon see that Stark is right to be restless when his personal world is destroyed and he must embark on a harrowing quest to find those responsible.

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Films that time forgot: Hulk (2003)

by Matthew Hammond 6 July 2012

In a summer of big superhero releases, the fruition of Marvel’s dream project, The Avengers has been perhaps the most unlikely and impressive. Most surprisingly of all, the film has brought redemption to one hero no one expected would steal the show: The Incredible Hulk.  Indeed, for many, The Avengers is the best Hulk film […]

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Avi Arad: A Marvel Or Just a Man?

by Lee Cassanell 30 June 2012

With The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) set to do brisk business at the box-office, producer Avi Arad’s long term plan to reinvigorate the comic book movie franchise seems to have finally paid off. The Israeli businessman who managed to wrestle control of Marvel in the wake of its mid-nineties bankruptcy is now, far and away, one […]

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The B-Team: The Avengers, but not as you know them…

by Howard Burdett 26 April 2012

As an avid comic book fan, when one thinks of the newly-released Avengers Assemble, it is their more humble, more entertaining, and much less successful colleagues – the Great Lakes Avengers (subsequently renamed S.W.O.R.D., Great Lakes X-Men, and so forth) that spring to mind. For those living in miserable ignorance, the Great Lakes Avengers lived […]

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In Interview: 5 Minutes With Mark Millar

by Helen Cox 26 April 2012

When it comes to the world of comic books there is one modern icon who stands tall above all through his use of satire and fearlessness in the face of controversy. That icon is Mark Millar aka He Who Created Hit-Girl.

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