French New Wave

French Film Festival UK 2013: Paulette

by Michael Ewins 9 November 2013

Starring New Wave legend Bernadette Lafont [Le beau Serge (1958) La maman et la putain(1973)] in her last leading role, Paulette is an uproariously non-PC baking-and-drugs farce from director Jérôme Enrico, and if that hasn’t sold you, what will?

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In Review: Plein Soleil (1960) Special Edition on DVD

by Maryann O'Connor 12 September 2013

It’s a regular boy-meets-ill-adjusted-member-of-society situation. Poor man (Alain Delon) befriends layabout heir (Maurice Ronet) in luxurious Italian boat holiday setting on the pretence of getting him back home to his disapproving dad

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In Review: Les Cousins on Blu-ray

by Mark Searby 19 April 2013

Charles (Gerard Blain) journeys to Paris from the French countryside to crash with his cousin, Paul (Jean-Claude Brialy), as they are both set to take an upcoming law exam. However, it soon becomes clear that only one of the cousins is committed to his work and the other would rather drag around with other bone-idle […]

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