The bumps and bruises of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

by Daniel Goodwin on 26/03/2014

captain america the winter soldier

The third solo avenger outing since the gang assembled two years ago finally arrives this week with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Introducing more gritty, urban characteristics than Marvel’s recent flights of fancy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier incorporates conspiracy and espionage thriller elements into a story of double-crossing and subterfuge.

The film’s directors and cast assembled for a press conference in London last week to discuss various aspects of the production but most interestingly, the stunt work and the upcoming battle between Captain America, Superman and Batman.

Anthony Russo (Director): This is the first movie where we really get a chance to catch up with Captain America in the modern day. He’s just woke up after seventy years and discovered he’s alone and that no one he knows is around anymore. It’s a very isolated place for him, a very vulnerable place. His relationships with other characters in the movie are even more important because he has nobody.

Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/ Captain America): He is just a good man with morals and values. You can put him anywhere whether it’s a period film or political thriller and that quality will still come through.

Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow): You will get more of my character’s back-story in Avengers 2. She has a rich past, definitely comes from a dark place. All these years Natasha has been acting as a gun for hire and we are now starting to witness her character’s progression. But exploring that story further will possibly be for a future instalment.

Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/ Captain America): There are always injuries. Whether you end up in a cast or not. Doing that stunt work is physical stuff, even when you block a punch that punch lands somewhere. We’re all getting old so it has lasting effects.

Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow): I’m forever wounded. I have old wounds dating back to Iron Man 2. But that’s part of the joy isn’t it. Actually it isn’t part of the joy. As you sustain more injuries over time it hurts for longer. I have some battle wounds from my kung fu, part of Natasha’s fighting style is that she uses her thighs so I like to do as much of the stunt work as possible.

Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury): I don’t. I use my stunt man extensively. I have no issues with him being hurt, that’s what he’s paid to do. He loves it. He’s from a stunt family. His father was a stunt man. All of his brothers are stunt men. Before he ate breakfast in the morning his Dad used to kick him down the stairs or make them jump out of windows to make them come downstairs to get the breakfast. He worked more than I did.

Joe Russo (Director): It is a very ambitious undertaking, probably the most ambitious series of films that have ever been made in terms of how they are connected… We are aware that the Captain America 3 and Batman Vs Superman release dates clash in 2016. We’re working on that now but I think when two cars are steaming towards each other, one of them has got to get out of the way at some point. Marvel announced that date originally and have been holding it for a long time but all we want to do is make the best movie we can.

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