The New Empress Magazine Video Blog: Dale Lloyd on VHS Collecting

by Martyn Conterio 20 November 2013

Ahoy there, dear reader! In the very latest New Empress Magazine Video Blog, we talk to Viva VHS man Dale Lloyd about his life’s passion and what it’s like to be an old-school videotape collector in the digital age. For more video blogs check out the New Empress Youtube page here: NewEmpressMagazine

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In Review: Little Deaths on DVD

by Mark Searby 23 August 2013

Horror Anthologies are the big thing in scary movies at present, so now would seem to be the perfect time to release a film made in 2011 that has three stories about sex and death from three of the UK’s biggest horror directors.

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In Review: The ABCs of Death

by Matthew Hammond 10 April 2013

It might be argued the power of horror cinema has waned since the glorious heyday of the 1970s and 80s. However, occasionally, a film arrives that captures and embraces the spirit of retro exploitation cinema while also being modern and dynamic. The ABCs of Death is such a work and the sheer level of freedom […]

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Film4 Frightfest The 13th: A preview guide

by Mark Searby 6 August 2012

The August Bank Holiday weekend can only mean one thing, Film4 Frightfest returns to the Empire Cinema in London’s Leicester Square. Opening and closing films, The Seasoning House and Tower Block respectively, are both looking to fit into that British horror category that has given us Eden Lake, Triangle and Colin in recent years.

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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012: V/H/S

by Tom Grater 27 June 2012

Having proclaimed the found-footage genre dead in my recent review of Lovely Molly, V/H/S could well be considered a tribute to its demise. The premise revolves around a group of criminals who are hired to steal a VHS tape from an abandoned house and wind up watching what they find there. This film is a collaborative piece from the […]

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Our issue 6 front cover unveiled…

by Helen Cox 21 May 2012

Anyone who subscribes to our print magazine will already have received an email last week unveiling the front cover above. This is what issue 6 will look like! As it’s a B-Movie Special we will be looking at all manner of B-Movie classics including The Wasp Woman, Kingdom of the Spiders and Hatchet for the […]

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Films that time forgot: Virtual Sexuality

by Helen Cox 1 May 2012

Tomorrow Jim, Michelle, Oz, Kevin, Vicky, Heather and Stifler are, fairly randomly, reunited in American Reunion 13 years after their original big screen outing. Back in 1999 when the first American Pie was released however, another now-forgotten teen flick also came to cinemas – the odds of Justin, Jake, Chas and Hoover being scheduled in […]

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The New York Report: 92YTribeca

by Nicko V. Vaughan 10 November 2011

By Nicko V. Vaughan There are 92 reasons why Tribeca should be the main port of call for film nerds looking for interesting things to do in New York but I don’t have the space or the editorial power to list them all, so I’m just going to tell you about the best darn film […]

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Videogroan: Bemoaning the death of VHS

by Helen Cox 8 July 2011

In the next thousand words or so I’m going to try and explain why I am still in love with the VHS format even though there is no added value on a technical level. The only glimmer of hope I’ve found, technologically speaking, after weeks of research is a vague suggestion by some that the sound […]

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