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In Review: Creepshow (1982) on Blu-ray

by Alan Simmons 25 October 2013

Creepshow is a well loved horror anthology and Second Sight have delivered a huge treat, with no trick, to its fans. The film looks and sounds amazing and the extras will keep you going until next Halloween.

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In Review: Knightriders on Blu-ray

by Neil Sheppard 7 May 2013

A man and a woman lay naked in the forest. They rise and bathe in a nearby stream and don medieval garb. The beautiful lady puts on a crown and her dashing knight straps on armour. They mount the knight’s noble steed and ride off into the forest. Only, the steed is a motorbike…

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In Interview: She Monkeys Director, Lisa Aschan

by Maryann O'Connor 11 May 2012

Lisa Aschan left film school in 2005 and was soon working on award winning original TV series The Killing, among other projects. She has now directed her first feature film, She Monkeys, which is released this month. She kindly agreed to share a few of her thoughts and inspirations with New Empress..

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The Road Less Travelled: Possessed Vehicle Movies

by Graham Gough 16 February 2012

The possessed vehicle sub-genre is a strange beast, a disgruntled and mostly aggressive child of the road movie and horror fest. These films are less about characters trying to escape their mundane or horrible lives and more about characters seeking escape from driverless, demon-fuelled automobiles which will stop at nothing to consume them.

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