Christa Theret

French Film Festival UK 2013: The Man Who Laughs (2012)

by Michael Ewins 15 November 2013

Handsomely crafted by writer/director Jean-Pierre Améris, whose last film was the Capra-esque confectionary comedy Romantics Anonymous (2010), this Victor Hugo adaptation about an adopted family of circus travellers is a unfortunately prosaic and dull fantasy.

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In Review: Renoir

by Mairéad Roche 26 June 2013

Set during the summer of 1915 in the idyllic French Riviera home of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Michel Bouquet), writer and director Gilles Bourdos’ film is centred on the artist’s muse, Andrée (Christa Theret), who arrives at his home and studio after his late wife suggested she should pose for the Impressionist painter.

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