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LFFF 2013: 30%

by Maryann O'Connor 27 November 2013

The bloodshed of the civil war in Sierra Leone was followed by the forming of a government with absolutely no representation for women, even though they had been instrumental in the peace process. Since then there has been a concerted effort and campaign to increase the level of female representation to 30%, with a bill […]

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Film Africa 2013: Fuelling Poverty (2012)

by Ann Jackson 19 November 2013

This short film documents the corruption in the Oil Industry in Nigeria, corruption that envelops government and industry alike. Nigeria produces untold wealth yet is one of the world’s most impoverished nations. This film asks – where is the money going?

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In Interview: How to Make Short Films and Become Friends With Simon Pegg

by Mark Searby 30 August 2013

Director/musician Andrew McKenzie is a busy man. In the last twelve months, he’s managed to find the time to work on two films with Simon Pegg, produce some short films/music videos and play in a band on the same bill as the Prodigy and Eminem. So, we at New Empress thought we would grab a […]

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Award-winning Short ‘Cleaning Up’ To Become Feature Film

by Maryann O'Connor 26 July 2013

Cleaning Up is an excellent short film by Simon and Thomas Guerrier  which stars Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen, Sherlock) as a slick hitman and Louise Jameson (Doctor Who, Doc Martin) as a seemingly harmless and flirty B&B proprietor. After winning awards all over the shop, funds are now being sought to turn this […]

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New Empress Film Screening and Quiz Night: 15th January 2012

by Helen Cox 3 January 2012

Date: 15th January 2012 Timings: Screening: 5:30pm Quiz: 7:30pm Location: Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey, London. Attention fans of Sherlock and Doctor Who. Those who are quick to book a place at our monthly quiz this Sunday will be treated to a short film programme which includes Cleaning Up , starring Mark Gatiss, Louise Jameson and Anton […]

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