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Win Only God Forgives Soundtrack & DVD

by Martyn Conterio 29 November 2013

Nicolas Winding Refn’s neon-lit Freudian nightmare, Only God Forgives, is released in the UK on Monday 2nd December. Starring Ryan Gosling and a foul-mouthed turn from the usually prim and sangfroid Kristen Scott Thomas, we’ve got three copies each of the soundtrack and DVD up for graboids.

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In Review: Seduced and Abandoned (2013)

by Mairéad Roche 31 October 2013

Writer and director James Toback (Bugsy, 1991) has combined forces with actor Alec Baldwin in their (probable) mockumentary Seduced & Abandoned as they go to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, the 65th, in order to garner finance for their proposed political erotic Middle Eastern set film with the working title Last Tango in Tikrit .

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In Review: Only God Forgives

by Daniel Goodwin 26 July 2013

Following Drive (2011) was never going to be easy for Nicolas Winding Refn. After gaining a wealth of acclaim for the cult film, Refn returned to a story he was developing during Drive’s production and, with Ryan Gosling back on board (after Luke Evans dropped out), the great Dane distanced himself from the temptations of Hollywood […]

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In Review: The Place Beyond the Pines

by Vicki Cole 5 April 2013

‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ is an exploration of the relationships between fathers and sons, both absent and present, and the legacy of past mistakes on future generations.  When motorcycle rider Luke (Ryan Gosling) is thrust into the world of fatherhood, he resorts to extreme measures to support his new family, causing his path to […]

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In Review: Gangster Squad

by Mark Searby 11 January 2013

Despite the glamour of Hollywood and the endless sunshine, Los Angeles in the late 1940s was not a nice place to be. The city was plagued by ruthless gangster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn), a man responsible for the avalanche of heroin hitting the streets. Most of the L.A.P.D and court administrators were on Mickey’s payroll, […]

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Win Drive on Blu-Ray!

by Helen Cox 5 February 2012

At New Empress  Magazine we like to keep readers informed of the things most relevant to them. To help us do this, and for the chance to win Drive on Blu-ray, simply click below (or on Gosling’s much-ogled face) and subscribe to our newsletter! You’ll be asked a couple of simple questions such as your […]

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In Review: Drive

by Helen Dines 18 September 2011

By Helen Dines Anyone expecting a review of the 1996 Marc Dacascos Kung Fu classic might want to click away now. This is a review of the 2011 Gosling vehicle.

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