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In Review: Dom Hemingway

by Daniel Goodwin 6 November 2013

Following the success of Lock, Stock… (1998) and Snatch (2000) many cockney crime films have strayed into clichéd terrain in terms of dialogue, setting and plot. Creating fresh variations while retaining the themes that define them can be difficult, but

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In Review: Side Effects

by Adam Vaughan 26 March 2013

Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects begins as a psycho-thriller that craftily mutates as you watch it, turning out to be something quite different.

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In Review: Rise of the Guardians

by Mark Searby 27 November 2012

“In a world of guardians….these were the best…until one day….they had to rise against evil”. We were disappointed to find the above sentence had not been used in the trailer for Rise of the Guardians, as it perfectly sums it up. The Guardians, a group of well known holiday characters including Santa, The Tooth Fairy, […]

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In Review: Anna Karenina (2012)

by Maryann O'Connor 10 September 2012

Director Joe Wright and Keira Knightley have had a fruitful time together so far, so much so that he wouldn’t have considered any other actress to play the tragic Anna Karenina, even under the threat of torture. Or so we’ve heard.

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In Review: 360

by Joshua Searle 8 August 2012

Circular, multi-saga dramas are a tricky business. The story count, characters and sense of meaning all have to be perfect or the whole film collapses in on itself. Sadly, 360 doesn’t get any of these elements right.

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