Nordic Film Festival 2013: NWR

by Mark Searby 29 November 2013

Director of indie films Drive and Only God Forgives, Nicolas Winding Refn seems like an enigma within the film world. This documentary gets as close as possible to a man with different ideas than most.

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In Review: Only God Forgives

by Daniel Goodwin 26 July 2013

Following Drive (2011) was never going to be easy for Nicolas Winding Refn. After gaining a wealth of acclaim for the cult film, Refn returned to a story he was developing during Drive’s production and, with Ryan Gosling back on board (after Luke Evans dropped out), the great Dane distanced himself from the temptations of Hollywood […]

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Win Drive on Blu-Ray!

by Helen Cox 5 February 2012

At New Empress  Magazine we like to keep readers informed of the things most relevant to them. To help us do this, and for the chance to win Drive on Blu-ray, simply click below (or on Gosling’s much-ogled face) and subscribe to our newsletter! You’ll be asked a couple of simple questions such as your […]

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In Review: Drive

by Helen Dines 18 September 2011

By Helen Dines Anyone expecting a review of the 1996 Marc Dacascos Kung Fu classic might want to click away now. This is a review of the 2011 Gosling vehicle.

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