Chloe Grace Moretz

In Review: Carrie

by Martyn Conterio 28 November 2013

Kimberly Peirce’s take on Stephen King’s celebrated debut novel, Carrie, also a 1976 movie by Brian De Palma, doesn’t totally suck, to use an often espoused modern idiom, and neither is it totally rad (to borrow another popular phrase). On paper, it must have looked like a very intriguing idea: a remake of a classic by […]

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Competition: Win A Copy Of Movie 43 on Blu-ray

by Martyn Conterio 26 June 2013

To celebrate the arrival of the star-studded comedy of the year ‘Movie 43’ – out on DVD and Blu-ray 24th June through eOne – we have Blu-ray copies to give away to two lucky winners!

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In Review: Dark Shadows

by Helen Cox 9 May 2012

Based on a gothic soap opera that aired between 1966 and 1971, Dark Shadows is the latest directorial release from Hollywood’s card carrying weirdo: Tim Burton. Eighteenth century fish merchant Barnabas Collins [Johnny Depp] spurns his seductive servant Angelique Bouchard [Eva Green] . In a jealous rage Angelique magics Barnabas’ dearest love Josette [Bella Heathcote]  off a cliff and […]

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