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60th Anniversary: Casque d’Or

by Maryann O'Connor 6 November 2012

Jacques Becker’s Casque d’Or, the story of Golden Marie, was not well received by critics or the French public at the time of its release. Despite this lukewarm reception at home, the film did manage to gather great acclaim abroad and has since gained a reputation as a great and simple portrayal of ‘gangster’s moll’ [...]

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In Review: The Curse of Frankenstein on Blu-ray

by Joshua Searle 5 November 2012

It’s hard to imagine now, but in 1957 The Human Centipede didn’t exist and there hadn’t been 7 Saws and 3 Hostels. In fact, the most gruesome thing cinema-punters had were Universal’s Dracula and Frankenstein cycles, films that were slowly closing in on their 30th anniversaries.

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In Review: Rust and Bone

by Maryann O'Connor 2 November 2012

Rust and Bone, or De rouille et d’os, may contain an amputee and marine life but it’s as far removed from Dolphin Tale (2011) as it could possibly be. Firstly, there is no Ashley Judd or Harry Connick Jr and secondly there is not an ounce of sentimentality to be found anywhere. Trust me, I [...]

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In Review: Argo

by Darryl Griffiths 30 October 2012

Testing the familiar waters of missing child drama Gone Baby Gone and Boston-set thriller The Town respectively, Ben Affleck emerged drowning in critical acclaim as he relentlessly attempted to transition from critically ridiculed actor to capable director. With his latest film Argo, he straps the weight of a remarkable politics-heavy true story [albeit declassified] to [...]

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In Review: Your Sister’s Sister on DVD

by Maryann O'Connor 29 October 2012

Going by the title, you might think that Your Sister’s Sister is about someone getting involved with someone’s sister. It is, but there’s quite a bit of other stuff going on as well. Here, director Lynn Shelton has presented us with a beautifully bare account of three people making a royal mess of things in [...]

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In Review: Cockneys vs Zombies on DVD

by Maryann O'Connor 26 October 2012

You may be aware that recently an inconsequential number of sporting events took place in East London, events that required years and years of building work in deserted industrial land. In short,  a place that you might find some juicy old zombies hanging out, waiting to nibble on some unsuspecting building site worker’s earlobes or [...]

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In Review: Skyfall

by Nigel Floyd 25 October 2012

“Where are we going?” Judi Dench’s M asks Daniel Craig’s Bond, as they drive towards their final meeting with destiny, one that involves a vengeful ghost from her past, and more familiar memories from his own. “Back in time.” replies agent 007 with characteristic terseness. In the year that marks the 50 th anniversary of [...]

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In Review: Let Fury Have the Hour

by Joshua Searle 23 October 2012

Let Fury Have the Hour is a social history documentary from first-time filmmaker Antonino D’Ambrosio, based on his book of the same title, focusing on creative artists and the disgruntlement of the 1980s using interviews, archival footage and contemporary art.

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In Review: Think like A Man on DVD

by Maryann O'Connor 22 October 2012

The self-help adaptation usually has the defining feature of being just as earnest and drippy as the book it’s based on; perhaps even drippier if Hollywood has its extra-rosy tinted dollar-sign glasses on and J-Lo on speeddial. So, the good news about Think like A Man is that the drip factor is fairly reduced, a [...]

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In Review: The Soul of Flies on DVD

by Joshua Searle 19 October 2012

The Soul of Flies is the debut feature from Jonathan Cenzual Burley and tells the tale of two brothers who, after receiving a letter from the father that abandoned them, make a journey across the Spanish countryside to attend his funeral. Along the way they meet thieves, watermelon-throwing locals and a suicidal narcoleptic, stopping each [...]

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In Review: Ginger & Rosa

by Silvia Felce 19 October 2012

Ginger & Rosa, the much awaited new film from Sally Potter, talks about teenage friendships, political beliefs and family crisis. Opening with some chilling footage of Hiroshima and the birth of two girls, the film moves straight to 1962, at the beginning of the Cuban missile crisis, where those two girls are now teenagers Ginger [...]

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