Birds Eye View Film Festival 2014: Lucky

by Daniel Goodwin on 11/04/2014


Laura Checkoway’s documentary about young, homeless mother Lucky Torres and her battle through life in downtown New York is an unyielding exposé of a troubled soul struggling to raise a family during times of hardship.

Hidden behind a mask of tattoos, Lucky and her child seek accommodation, taking refuge in hostels and with friends while doing the best with what she has. Yet despite her inability to find work due to her physical appearance, Lucky has a life enriched with people she loves and adore her for who she is.

Checkoway delivers a captivating account of a fractured existence that is both intimate and stirring, unravelling Lucky’s story in the manner of a feature narrative. Checkoway captures her interactions with friends at various social gatherings, observing Lucky with her sister Fantasy, best friend Xtacy and partner Ty for an unflinching insight into a character that struggles with who she is despite her vibrant exterior.

As well as a character study, the film serves as a social commentary on the state of the US child welfare and housing systems as we observe Lucky struggle with New York’s Administration for Children’s Services and her fight to find somewhere to live. Checkoway also captures her in pursuit of hip hop artist Lil Wayne, an idol whose face she has tattooed on her ribs, and divulges her dream to become a musician.

It would have been interesting to see the story behind how Lucky was discovered by Checkoway incorporated into the documentary. The development of their relationship and how Lucky viewed it as a possible pathway to a better life would have added a welcome layer but as it stands Lucky (the film) is still a remarkable, poetic and often heartbreaking insight into the life and soul of a star trying to shine.

An extra screening of Lucky has been added to the festival line up: The Lexi Cinema, April 15

Daniel has awarded Lucky four Torches of Truth


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