That’s All Folks: New Empress Magazine to Cease Publication in July

by Helen Cox on 20/02/2014

Empress Figure

Just over three years ago I uttered eight naive little words that would dictate the way I lived my life for the foreseeable future: “I want to start my own film magazine.” My boyfriend smiled politely. We were still new to each other: he didn’t know then that when I said I wanted to do something I almost always did it. He does know that now. Four months later 1000 copies of New Empress Magazine were being shunted into our living room: the space that would become New Empress HQ.

It is with a mixture of sadness and gratitude to those who have supported me that I announce that New Empress Magazine will cease print publication in July. Producing something of this magnitude without the backing of a mainstream publisher can be challenging, to put it politely, and although many have told me how impressive the magazine is, behind the curtain there is a single lap-top and a woman working 20 hours a week on top of her day-job as a teacher powering the operation. Even the not-so great and powerful Oz had more resources at his disposal and such a scenario cannot run on forever.  

Editing a truly independent film magazine has been an incredible journey. Yes, I have learnt some valuable lessons about the world of publishing and journalism, and my understanding of film as a medium has sky-rocketed, but the most unexpected and delightful aspect has undoubtedly been the equally passionate people I have come into contact with. Whether you have been a contributor, subscriber or general admirer of our magazine I want to extend my deepest thanks. I would particularly like to thank the British Film Institute who have stocked our publication in their shop on the South Bank pretty much since day one. Maryann O’ Connor and Martyn Conterio deserve medals and more for their impeccable management of the New Empress Magazine website. Without them the magazine would not have been able to keep up to date with the most important film news and reviews and, perhaps more importantly, this would have felt like a much lonelier project. A big thank you to Ben Everingham and Mark Searby who have produced video content for the magazine. I would also like to thank Nigel Floyd who has effectively mentored me for a large part of this process and has also been a good friend. 

Though the print magazine is folding, we have learnt some valuable lessons from John McClane over the years about going out with a bang. There are still four more issues due out between now and July. The next issue in March will be our Teen Movie Special. At the end of 2014 a book will be produced featuring all of the best material produced online and offline in the last three years and the website will run film editorial until the beginning of 2015.

Subscribers should note that this is a planned decision and that everybody will receive all of the issues they have paid for. Many thanks to all of you for your loyalty to the Empress. I’m not altogether ruling out a sequel some time, somehow but, for now, the time has come to hang up my tiara.

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