Nordic Film Festival 2013: Inni

by Mark Searby on 29/11/2013


How do you describe a band like Sigur Ros? Surely they are one of the few music acts that defy pigeonholing. Their blend of ethereal sound mixed with classical and post-punk is a unique experience that doesn’t lend its self to the Top 40 every Sunday. Yet this is exactly what the legions of fans want. Inni is the second live concert film (after 2007’s Heima) from the group that showcases new material.

The concert footage is filmed in black and white with close ups of the band as they produce their soundscapes of music from the albums; the footage is crafted beautifully with large segments focussing on just one person as the film flicks around like a movie from the silent era yet overlaid with some of the most wonderfully melancholic sounds ever created. Its music like this that makes you lie on the floor and let it completely wash over you. In between these live tracks we are treated to moments of archive footage from when the band were just starting out; these scenes look and feel like a scrap book of years gone by, before the hullabaloo of the main stages came knocking. Also included is footage from an early gig where they are all squeezed onto a tiny stage sound-checking, whilst patrons are in the bar talking amongst themselves, before launching into their set. The life and times of an Icelandic band.

Inni feeds the fire for all Sigur Ros fans, but anyone looking in from the outside might find it too art house. Yet this is a raw, visual feast for the eyes & ears of epic ambient/post-rock music of the highest order.

Inni will be showing at the Riverside Studios on 2nd December. The 2nd Nordic Film Festival is in London from 25 November to 04 December and will then tour the UK Festival details here

Mark has awarded Inni four Torches of Truth

4 torches

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