In Review: Spiders (2013) on Blu-ray

by Mark Searby on 14/10/2013


Killer spiders! Killer spiders! Killer spiders! That’s the selling point of this film and power to the makers for just deciding that all they need to make this film interesting. If you are afraid of spiders then this really isn’t the film for you; they are in just about every scene from the first minute to the last.

There is a vague storyline about some nobody working for New York Transit, whose life suddenly revolves around these spiders as they destroy his transportation system and then the army quarantine his house, leaving his daughter inside. Naturally he has an ex-wife who chews him out at every available moment until it happens that he has to save her as well. But hey, it’s all hooey in terms of story because we are only here for the spiders and to be fair they are done rather well for such a B-movie.

The filmmakers haven’t gone for realistic arachnid features and have instead opted for what looks the most grotesque, with a focus on size. Watching the terrors in action does make the skin crawl a bit and makes you start to wonder what that slight tickle on your leg is. When the queen spider finally reveals herself it feels more Pacific Rim than Wild Wild West, all giant legs and pincers snapping away at the puny humans who are trying to kill mama spider with their bombs, guns and traps.

We could talk about the cast, but we all know these types are films aren’t about them and nobody particularly cares if they live or die. Bring the spiders back; more death by shooting of their webs is what we need

Spiders is all done with tongue firmly in cheek and more than enough laughter, at the story and the spiders, to make this a rather enjoyable monster movie.

Extras: Cast & Crew interviews, which offer nothing of interest apart from how much fun it is to work on the production and a short behind the scenes of how it was converted into 3D, which seems quite wasteful as it’s home entertainment 3D rather than on the big screen.

Mark has awarded Spiders (2013) on Blu-ray three Torches of Truth
3 torches cropped

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