In Review: John Dies at the End

by Mark Searby on 19/03/2013


College dropouts John (Rob Mayes) and David (Chase Williamson) are on a mission to save humanity from Soy sauce. No, not the Chinese food condiment, a recreational drug that offers an out of body experience through time and space. When some users come back down they’re no longer human and an otherworldly invasion begins. Unfortunately, it’s left to two slackers to save humankind from such extra-terrestrial terrors. Keep your fingers crossed they know what they are doing!

Director Don Coscarelli brings David Wong’s novel to the screen with truly mad results. What’s on offer is a bizarre yet original storyline that makes one sit up and take note. The subject of drug use with mind-warping implications recalls such titles as Terry Gilliams adaptation of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998). Coscarelli adds his own unique horror take to it the format that veers between scary and funny in effortless ways. The production values may also look to have come directly from the 1980s but they are used to great effect, especially, with the appearance of the meat monster and hallucinogenic moments.

Chase Williamson, as David, is the clear standout of the dynamic duo. His slightly more clued-up exorcist grows as a character as the film progresses. Rob Mayes’s John is rather simple and doesn’t understand all what is occurring. They bounce off each other in the winning style of Bill & Ted.

Paul Giamatti’s supporting role, as local reporter Arnie Blondestone, brings a bit of indie credibility to proceedings and the actor looks to have been creatively let loose in order to deliver his own version of a crazy hack. Make no mistake, John Dies at the End is set to become a confirmed cult movie favourite.

Mark has awarded John Dies at the End four Torches of Truth

4 torches

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