Unveiled: Issue 6.1 Front Cover

by Helen Cox on 03/08/2012

Our second digital Minema Edition is just a few weeks away and above is our front cover, illustrated by Rory Mitchell and inspired by the unforgettable body horror: Videodrome. New Empress Magazine’s Minema titles  are a mini-digi-dose of film commentary, interviews and flashbacks. Inside this issue our writers have examined the way brands, TV, music and other elements of popular culture cross over into the world of moving pictures. In addition to articles on Videodrome, Mac and Me and Joe Pesci’s singing career we’ve also got an exclusive interview with director Mark Andrews and producer Katherine Sarafian who have most recently worked on Brave. Our new columnist Girl Gatsby offers her exclusive guide to silent film and regular columnist Adam Glasspool explains yet again why he hates film, this time it’s all about spoilers. The digital issue comes to s ubscribers free of charge . To make sure issue 6.1 comes to your inbox first click here to subscribe !

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