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In Review: Two-Lane Blacktop on Blu-ray

by Ben Harris 10 April 2012

1971 road movie Two-Lane Blacktop wasn’t a roaring success at the box office, but has since become a cult classic and has undeniable similarities to the modern 2011 neo-noir feature Drive. The protagonists in both, although brilliantly skilled motorists, are men of few words known only as “the driver”.

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The Road Less Travelled: Possessed Vehicle Movies

by Graham Gough 16 February 2012

The possessed vehicle sub-genre is a strange beast, a disgruntled and mostly aggressive child of the road movie and horror fest. These films are less about characters trying to escape their mundane or horrible lives and more about characters seeking escape from driverless, demon-fuelled automobiles which will stop at nothing to consume them.

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