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In Review: This is the End

by Daniel Goodwin 21 June 2013

With Edgar Wright’s The World’s End due out next month, first on our shores comes this US apocalyptic farce about friends partying till the end of the world.

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In Review: The Watch

by Charlotte Stear 27 August 2012

Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn reunite in The Watch, a comedy that is kind of an attempt at Attack the Block meets The Burbs. A promising premise and with the success of Anchorman, Starsky and Hutch and Dodgeball now a bit of a distant memory, fans of the Frat Pack are no doubt hoping that this […]

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In Review: 21 Jump Street

by Darryl Griffiths 28 March 2012

The American contingent aside, the show 21 Jump Street – penciled by Fox in the late 80s and starring now Hollywood A lister Johnny Depp – will not be remembered by many. But never fear film fans. Jonah Hill (fresh off a terrific turn in Moneyball) and scriptwriter Michael Bacall have provided us a loose revival full […]

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In Review: Moneyball

by Maryann O'Connor 8 December 2011

By Maryann O’Connor It’s 2001. It’s baseball. The Oakland A’s are facing yet another loss in the most important game of their season, beaten by the New York Yankees, a team of several times their worth. The A’s then suffer the humiliation of having their best players poached by more heavily-backed teams. Moneyball, based on […]

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