In Review: Serpico (1973) on Blu-ray

by Christina Newland 25 February 2014

Sidney Lumet was a director who successfully navigated the vast tide of change between Hollywood old and new, with stone-cold classics on either side of the generation gap. In the 1970s, he directed several of the most memorable films of the Hollywood New Wave, including Serpico (1973). It tells the true story of Frank Serpico […]

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News: Show Samsung What You Got

by Maryann O'Connor 24 February 2014

You may or may not have already heard the buzz about the Samsung Launching People initiative but we at New Empress Towers thought that it was still worth having a little shout about. Do you have a script sitting around you want to do something with? None other than Idris Elba is waiting to hear […]

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In Review: John Dies at the End on Blu-ray

by Sam Inglis 24 February 2014

A tongue-in-cheek flick with monsters, demons and alternate dimensions, John Dies at the End, based on the cult novel by David Wong and directed by Don Coscarelli, tells the story of how Dave (Chase Williamson) found his friend John (Rob Mayes) freaked out on drugs and how after accidentally taking some of the same narcotic […]

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In Review: A New York Winter’s Tale

by Mairéad Roche 21 February 2014

Known as a screenwriter, Akiva Goldsman’s (A Beautiful Mind 2001) directorial debut is his adaptation of Mark Helprin’s novel, A New York Winter’s Tale. The film is essentially an adult fairytale set in the titular New York linking characters and events in the specific years of 1916 and 2014.

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In Review: The Godfather: Part II (1974) re-released

by Mark Searby 21 February 2014

As argued over in parlours and drinking establishments [and one particular Wes Craven film] many, many times over, there are very few sequels that surpass the original but that’s exactly what Francis Ford Coppola did with The Godfather Part II.

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That’s All Folks: New Empress Magazine to Cease Publication in July

by Helen Cox 20 February 2014

Just over three years ago I uttered eight naive little words that would dictate the way I lived my life for the foreseeable future: “I want to start my own film magazine.” My boyfriend smiled politely. We were still new to each other: he didn’t know then that when I said I wanted to do […]

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Berlinale 2014: First Impressions of a Film Festival

by Christina Newland 20 February 2014

For seven days this February, I found myself in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz, the architectural glass and steel heart of the 64th annual Berlinale . It’s a surprisingly subdued centre for a city as bohemian as Berlin and for a festival so concerned with giving a platform to the most provocative, inventive, and marginalised voices in […]

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In Review: Jadoo: Kings of Curry on DVD

by Mark Searby 20 February 2014

When two successful brothers (Harish Patel and Kulvinder Ghir), chefs by trade, fall out spectacularly they rip their recipe book in half and proceed to set up restaurants across the road from each other in Leicester’s famous Golden Mile. It takes one of the daughters (Amara Karan) – marrying into a different religion – to […]

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The New Empress Magazine Video Blog: Serpico (1971)

by Martyn Conterio 19 February 2014
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More Hammer Classics To Screen on Horror Channel in March

by Martyn Conterio 14 February 2014

Last month we gave you the skinny on Horror Channel’s rather ace decision to run a month of Hammer horror double bills on consecutive Saturday nights. Well, we’ve got an update for you: there’s going to be more Hammer films screened throughout March!

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In Review: Endless Love

by Mairéad Roche 14 February 2014

On the day of their high school graduation, classmates Jade (Gabriella Wilde) and David (Alex Pettyfer) finally talk to each other. Rich and studious Jade has become introverted after the death of her older brother, while blue collar David has always liked Jade from afar.

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