In Review: Bonjour Tristesse (1958) Re-released

by Pamela Hutchinson 30 August 2013

Too much beauty, like too much champagne, will make you sick. And Otto Preminger’s sumptuous, intoxicating Bonjour Tristesse (1958) is as toxic as it is lustrous.

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In Review: Upstream Colour

by Ben Nicholson 29 August 2013

If 2004’s lo-fi time travel yarn, Primer, indicated the potential of filmmaking polymath Shane Carruth, then with his much anticipated follow-up, Upstream Colour, he has well and truly arrived.

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In Review: We’re the Millers

by Mairéad Roche 29 August 2013

Though her choice of films has been peppered with some great scripts and resulting films, Jennifer Aniston has, one could argue, over-salted her filmography with sub-par Romantic Comedies which are less worthy of her skills.

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FrightFest 2013 Review: We Are What We Are

by Vicki Cole 28 August 2013

The Parkers appear to be a typical American family, albeit, a deeply private one. Behind closed doors Frank Parker (Bill Sage), the patriarch, is intent on maintaining his brood’s ancestral customs and over the course of the film those customs are gradually revealed.

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In Review: The Way, Way Back

by Vicki Cole 28 August 2013

The Way, Way Back tells the coming-of-age story of Duncan (Liam James), a shy and awkward teenager who, while on summer vacation with his mum Pam (Toni Collette) and her boyfriend Trent (Steve Carell), finds solace at a water park and an unlikely friend in its Peter Pan manager, Owen (Sam Rockwell).

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FrightFest 2013 Review: Haunter

by Martyn Conterio 27 August 2013

Director Vincenzo Natali is primarily known for dark and inventive sci-fi fare. His latest feature, Haunter, is curiously lighter in touch and tone, but it does share a link to the metaphysical and surrealist aspects of his little-seen 2003 picture, Nothing, and the claustrophobic scenario of Cube (1997).

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In Review: Simon Killer on Blu-ray

by Ben Nicholson 26 August 2013

For his sophomore feature, director Antonio Campos has once again found his camera lingering on a disconnected and troubled young man.

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FrightFest 2013: Reviews Round-up Part 2

by Martyn Conterio 26 August 2013

Cheap Thrills Two luckless dudes, Craig and Vince (played by Pat Healy and Ethan Embry), bump into rich drunkards Colin and Violet (David Koechner and Sara Paxton) in a bar. Their night of carousing and coke-snorting is interrupted by a series of ‘Funny Games’ in which the guys, desperate for cash, begin a series of […]

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Film4 FrightFest 2013: Reviews Round-up Part 1

by Martyn Conterio 24 August 2013

Rewind This! Josh Johnson’s excellent documentary on the cultural impact of VHS largely sidesteps cheesy/easy nostalgia in favour of a multi-stranded approach that took in various aspects of the technology and market. Interviewing collectors, archivists and video store owners (some still do exist) Rewind This! is entertaining, informative and very well put together.

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In Review: Little Deaths on DVD

by Mark Searby 23 August 2013

Horror Anthologies are the big thing in scary movies at present, so now would seem to be the perfect time to release a film made in 2011 that has three stories about sex and death from three of the UK’s biggest horror directors.

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FrightFest 2013 Review: The Dead 2: India

by Martyn Conterio 23 August 2013

Swapping the sun-baked aridness of Burkina Faso for the sun-baked aridness of Rajasthan, India – the film’s setting is actually in the title, it is presumed in order to kick-off a raft of location-specific sequels (The Dead 4: Walton-on-the-Naze) – The Ford Brothers, Howard and Jon, have another stab at the zombie flick.

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